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Puddles of Poems - Children's Poetry


A Read Aloud or Alone Then Write Your Own Poetry Book

Move over Pippi Longstocking and meet Lovely Lilly!

Her hair she’ll “wash with apple sauce” and “rinse with custard cream.”  

Then “roll her toes in cookie dough” so she’ll “dream delicious dreams.

Lovely Lilly is just one of the many captivating characters you’ll find romping through PUDDLES of POEMS: A Read Aloud or Alone Then Write Your Own Poetry Book, by K.M. Churchill.

This fresh collection of high-spirited light verse, written for younger children (ages 6 – 9), is the first interactive book of children’s poetry to feature Lyric Libs. Complete outlines of poems, in all the different forms covered in the book, with blank spaces inviting aspiring young poets to fill in their own imagination. Lyric Libs let children leap seamlessly from reading funny poems, to writing their own.

Just try to keep your kids from writing poetry after reading this book; they’ll be wriggling with giggles to get started!